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Special structures

oikohomegroup designs and manufactures the essentials in a variety of styles, sizes and materials to meet both your aesthetic and performance needs.



Outdoor Wooden Floors

Outdoor wooden decks are used in swimming pools, terraces, gardens, parks and generally in all outdoor areas that are exposed to environmental conditions. 

For the construction of a wooden deck, tropical woods are chosen  such as masaradumba, thali, iroko, merbau, bankirai and teak, especially highly resistant to use and resistant to weather changes and humidity. 



Wooden Investments - Partitions 

Partitions and linings with or without a visible frame, which ensure high levels of sound insulation and contribute to the aesthetic upgrade of the space. Crystal or solid melamine panels, veneer or lacquer, offer visual isolation, where it is required. 



- Bathroom furnishings

Do you want a space that stands out? Be the designer and let's create the ideal furniture together.


Professional Areas

We have the knowledge, experience and ability to make your business stand out!

The design follows the modern design trends, at the same time utilizing all the possibilities of the space to its full exploitation!

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