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Corporate Social Responsibility

Boy Leaning Against a Tree
Modern Wooden House

Our Values

We are dedicated to offering top quality products that contribute to the healthy and balanced diet of the modern man. Our Values are the guide we follow and are as follows:

Our goal

Offering to society as a whole, raising consumer awareness, building a relationship of mutual trust with the general public. For oikohomegroup, Corporate Social Responsibility is part of a long-term strategy, resulting from its duty to support society, looking not only ahead but also around, trying to offer smiles, and above all recognizing that people are its strength. This debt is the driving force behind all of the company's actions.

Holding Hands


We respect each person individually, that's why we invest in the continuous training of our employees and ensure a better working environment.

Respect to our people

We know that the development of the economy is directly dependent on the sustainability of the ecosystem. We actively contribute to the protection of the environment and the conservation of our natural resources by minimizing the impact of our activities on the natural environment. We recognize our responsibility towards society, that's why we make sure every day to be worthy of its trust.

Renewable energy sources

  • decrease by 60% CO2  

  • decreaseby  25%  electricity use

Saving Natural Resources


  • use of solar panels  for heating water

Green Forest


Oikohomegroup aims for a zero environmental footprint, respectfully cultivating its relationship with nature.

Plant Shed

Lets work together


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